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Sunday, December 7, 2008

Felt Food - The Experiment Continues

Today was productive in the felt food department. Here is what I did:

First, I sewed felt to look like bacon.

Then I sewed lighter colored felt on, and cut away some, to make it look more bacon-y.

Check out these mad cutting skillz yo.

And then, the finished bacon.

It looked so good, I took a bite.

I'm not sure why I look like such an asshole in that picture. My face is like all long and I have a Wallace & Gromit mouth. Maybe because it's full of FELT BACON! Which, by the way, is not nearly as delicious as real bacon.

I didn't take pictures of these as I made them., because I am too lazy. But here are the results.

This is supposed to be two chicken legs, but one is too skinny. So the skinny one is squab.

Here is all the food together. Today I made two baconies, two carroties, and two bird legs.

You might be wondering... are those felt drumsticks smoked?
Why yes, yes they are.

Felt drumsticks are the new crack.


Jenni said...

I am so impressed! You should open up an etsy shop.

Momma Bear said...

these are awesome!

Michael said...

Those look yummy! Now I'm craving bacon. :o)