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Saturday, December 6, 2008

Felt Food - The Experiment Begins

Today I went to Hobby Lobby and bought like forty thousand pieces of felt. It cost me a little over $2. (You know, the purists say to use wool felt, but I figured I would probably ruin the first two or ten things I made, so why spend the money?)

Okay. Here is how it all went down.

First, I made a list of all the foods I wanted to make. I intentionally left out fancy cupcakes, peelable bananas, sushi, and edamame. I have lots of different things on my list, but I decided to start today with raviolis, because they seemed like the easiest to make.

I started the day by sewing my finger up in the sewing machine.

Psych. I totally staged that pic.

Okay what I did was make a little pattern, and traced them on the sheet. I forgot to take a picture of that, but basically it was six squares on a piece of felt. Then I traced a smaller square in the middle of them, and that was where the stuffing went.

I sewed them up....

Then I stuffed them...

Then I cut them out with pinking shears, to make the edge all crinkly, but I didn't take a picture because I was busy cutting, and cutting is an issue for me.

Now, I just want you to know, I am craft-retarded. I know, we aren't supposed to say the "r" word. But I am. If there was a Special Olympics for crafts, I would be the biggest loser there. It's true.

But even I, the least craftiest, most un-creative, donut hole thinkin' person, can make felt ravioli.


Award winning? No. But will seven and four year old little girls love them? YES. I made six of these, and then I went on to make these:

Check it out, I even hand sewed the yolks on. Like, with a needle and thread.

Don't even act like you're not impressed.

Oh and I can't forget to give mad props to my mom, who put up with my craft retardedness, and who showed me how to do this, and who let me use her sewing machine and stuff.


Zeemaid said...

That is like totally cool. Did you find those felt food ideas online? Cause my girls would love love love it.

Super Ninja Mommy said...

Glad you like them! I totally suck at this kind of thing, but these were mad easy. I just looked at pictures online (look up felt food, some are flippin awesome) and then just kind of figured out how to make them. Ravioli was scary easy, you should try it. If it turns out sucky, who cares? Felt is like a dime a sheet. :-)

Lisa said...

You did good! I just bought fake plastic food online from Step 2. I looked all over town but most fake food is either total junk (literally, like it's cardboard and falls apart) or junk food (onion rings? hot dogs? No thanks) or is just fruit, which we already have, or else it's waaaay too expensive. Anyway, I'm impressed with your felt raviolis. Very cool.

Tara said...

Wow, that looks so awesome! You would never even know you were "craft retarded" from those pics! Well, maybe the one with your finger in the machine, but you said that was staged so it doesn't count.

That is wicked cool though!!

Baby Bunching said...

Wow! Impressive.

ImogenSky said...

I'm looking through tons of blogs today and I have no idea how I ended up on your blog but I have too say that I am absolutely in love with your felt food. I will be coming back to see more felt food! (and also to know if you are preggo or not, I currently have baby fever and I'm living vicariously through those that are :)