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Friday, December 5, 2008

Felt Food, Part Two

Okay. So I talked to my very creative mom, and showed her the pictures of felt food, and guess what? She said it looks really easy.

"Easy for you, or easy for me?" I asked - because my mom's definition of easy is making an entire outfit out of scrap fabric without using a pattern and somehow not looking homeless, but rather like something out of Vogue.

"Easy for you," she said. "Look, you don't even have to cut a straight line."

So since this is going to be a very frugal Christmas (recession, anyone?) and because I may not be creative, butI am resourceful - I am going to get the girls' kitchen from downstairs, and clean it up really nice. It's one of those Step 2 kitchens, made of crazy heavy plastic, so it should clean up easily. Then I am going to [crossing fingers] make them each a bunch of felt food, and get them each an inexpensive set of utensils, because they brought all theirs outside and they got ruined.

I figure, even if I can't swing the felt food, I can at least coerce convince my mom to make it. And I think the girls will love it. No, I KNOW the girls will love it. Knowing my girls as well as I do, and I think I do, they will play with this all year, and then hopefully Beastie and The Babe will get use out of it too.

I will update you on my progress. Wish me luck.

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