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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

It's al-i-i-i-i-ve... Frankenfawn, that is. (with pics.)

Frankenfawn is complete. And he has a new name - Wudawf. And, amazingly, Four just absolutely adores him.

It's a miracle I even completed this project. My sewing machine is all gummed up somewhere - I think, actually, that the timing is off, and I don't think it will be worth fixing. My machine is an expensive one - a Pfaff - but it's ilke four thousand years old. Okay, maybe twenty years.

Anway, I figured out a way to get around that little issue, sort of, so I finished the deer.

BUT. In sewing the gusset on - which is the forehead and bridge of the nose, if you will - somehow, half of the deer's face went missing. They were mirror images, the left and right side of the deer, but by some bizarre law of physics, the left nose was just gone. So to make it add up, I had to cut the right nose off. And then we were left with Rudolph-er- Wudawf the No-Nosed Reindeer.
Eventually, it all came together. I sewed on a little red pom-pom for a nose, and felt eyes and ears. Which - dumb ass! - I should have sewed those on before I sewed him all together. So I was sewing on these crazy eyes with my hand up through the deer's ass. I felt like a freaking gynecologist.

Here he is. Don't laugh.

Okay, but here's the thing. The NEXT one will be super. I know, because I know the reason I had so much trouble. First, I used corduroy, which frayed like a bitch. Because it frayed, I had to use a zig-zag stitch. And my machine hates doing zig-zag with a passion. It straight stitches just fine, but make it move back and forth like that, and it goes on strike.
Also, next time, I will enlarge the pattern by maybe 150% and make it bigger. It was hard working with it, being so small.
I have a bunch of gray wool that I felted, so I think the next one will be a little gray lamb with pink ears and a pink embroidered nose. Maybe.


Barb said...

I nominated your blog for the lemonade award. The details are here:

Tara said...

Wow, I love that... it is SO.Darn.CUTE.

...You're all rocking, and I am over here hand-sewing felt into shapes like a chump.

You are money.

Lisa said...

It looks great! Seriously, it's adorable. Kudos!

Zeemaid said...

kudos to you for getting a project done. It's adorable!!!

Super Ninja Mommy said...

Thanks guys! and thanks for the award!

iMommy said...

That is super cute.
*sigh* I wish I even knew what a sewing machine looked like...

Anonymous said...

Aw, I love him. He's got wabi-sabi.