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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Antsy Pantsy.

I am so antsy for the gardening season. Today my sweet Hub moved the rest of the cursed rocks, and then, bless his heart, he took up all the sod in the garden area, carefully removed the majority of the topsoil, and even put the sod pieces in a bunch of holes we had on the property. They were dug years ago for a frame we were going to put in for the wisteria, and then we just never got to it, so the holes stayed vacant and the wisteria grows all over the ground. (One time I fell in one of those holes and got stuck. I felt like a baby mammoth at La Brea, but that's a different story.)

My friend Tim (who doesn't have a blog for me to link to, but he totally should, dammit) told me I could grow carrots and radishes in barrels. Duh! Why didn't I think of that? I already grow potatoes and onions in barrels. I really, really want to start my carrots and radishes, but I'm afraid they'll freeze. It's still getting pretty cold here at night, into the 20's, and tonight is forecasted to be in the teens. Normally, I don't plant until Memorial Day, but I know that carrots are hardier. I'm antsy as hell to plant but if the carrots died from being planted too early, I would feel personally responsible for their premature deaths.

In the meantime, I think I'll start some herbs from seed indoors. I might as well. The problem is that I am the type of person to constantly need a project, something to be thinking about and planning and working on. I guess I'll plant some herbs in newspaper pots and find another sewing project while they grow.

Oh! I know. I'll find something super complex that I can work on till Mother's Day, and surprise my mom with it. I also have some fabric that Gran would love, maybe I'll make her something too. Yep - it's all decided then. Herbs and Mother's Day crafts. I feel renewed - I was really depressed when I finished the kids' easter stuff.

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