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Sunday, May 10, 2009

200 word autobiography.

Happy Go-Buy-An-Expensive-Card-That-Mom-Will-Read-Once-And-Never-Look-At-Again Day! (Or, Mother's Day. Whatever.)

Today marks my 200th blog post, and to commemorate, I give you this amazing piece of literary prose- my autobiography, in two hundred words. You might think that's clever, but I saw the idea somewhere else. (Where? I'm wracking my brain... if it was you please let me know so I can link up.)

So here goes. Don't act like you're not impressed.

I was born in 1982. It was a regular eighties childhood, complete with jelly shoes and slap bracelets. Then I got older and I went to high school. High school sucked, but check this out: I did NOTHING at all, I didn’t even show up 90% of the time, but I somehow passed all four years and graduated in 2000. A couple months after high school ended, oopsy, I got pregnant. EJ was born nine months later, in 2001. I was a single mom. A year later I got in a fight with my boyfriend and slapped him, and he called the cops and I went to jail for a day. (We broke up after that.) Not long after, I met The Hub and we got married six months later in 2003. We had a few miscarriages and a stillborn son, and then Four was born in 2004. We had some more miscarriages and Beastie was born in 2007. Then, oopsy, pregnant again. The Babe was born in 2008. Then, oopsy again, got pregnant, due in October. I went to college sometime in there too. One time I hit a pole in a drive-thru. These are the last six words.


Manic Mother said...

Yeah for 200! I really enjoy reading your blog, keep it coming.

Jennifer said...

Oh no, I AM impressed. ;-)