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Saturday, May 16, 2009


Today marks six years of marriage for The Hub and I! I can't believe it ... time just goes by so quickly.

Our wedding was small, on a little lake in a small town. (By coincidence, we now live just a few miles from that spot.) We each had one person stand up for us, and the guest list totaled maybe 65. We spent that night in a local hotel, before taking off on a car trip to Chicago.

When we got to our Chicago hotel, The Hub said he was going to change into his swim trunks so we could go down to the pool. He went in the bathroom and came out wearing the shower cap, which might not be so odd, except that he was wearing it like a pair of underwear! He tore holes in it for his legs and put it on, and said he was going down to the pool. (He didn't.)

The next day, he did the same thing, except with a plastic Target bag. He put holes in the bottom, stuck his legs through, and then pulled the handles of the bag over his shoulders.

To this day, whenever we see a Target bag, I say "Look honey, there's your swimsuit!"

(Listen, I never said he was normal.)

Happy Anniversary, Hubs o' Mine! Love you a ton!


Lisa said...

Congrats! My 6 year wedding anniversary was April 12th- it's pretty crazy, right? SIX YEARS?? What? I'm still trying to figure out how your man fit himself in a Target bag though? That's wild!

Anonymous said...

You guys must've bought something big at Target! Happy anniversary.