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Saturday, July 25, 2009

I hate when it's this busy....

Friday -
  • Drove to Ohio (only about 4 hours, since I didn't have to go too far into Ohio, just south of Toledo.)

  • Picked up stepdaughter, who'll be staying here for a while, maybe till school starts. I think she needs a blog nickname.

  • Drove home from Ohio. Split pubic bone crawling over front seat to access children in the back seat, all at 75 mph.

Saturday -

  • Meeting with MIL and stepFIL, and my dad, to do final house inspections.

  • Have to tell my dad I'm pregnant, which I have (obviously) been putting off, because I don't want him to know I had s-e-x. I wouldn't tell him if I didn't have to, but my humongous 28 week belly will probably give me away.

  • Figure out what's going to happen with MIL and stepFIL, since they drove 150 miles to get here and probably don't want to turn right back around after the inspection.

  • Buy some ice cream for tomorrow.

Sunday -

  • Wrap Beastie's presents.

  • Have Beastie's birthday party (which will be a lesson in chaos, I'm sure.)

  • Write Monday's blog post.

Monday -

  • Beastie's actual birthday! I will no longer be a mom of two under two - for a couple months, anyway. Then I'll have three under three. Hmm... new blog title, perhaps?

  • Midwife appointment.

  • Write sponsored blog posts so I can make some money.

  • Groceries. Story of my life.
And somewhere in there I need to find time to ponder, because if I don't ponder, my brain gets too full, and I might explode. And that could get messy.

I hate when life is jam-packed like that. I need a breather just thinking about it all.

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Leigh Anne said...

I felt the same way about telling my dad that I was pregnant. It's weird how you know they know, but you don't want them to think about it!