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Monday, July 27, 2009

Modern Art Monday, Birthday Edition

Today is my Beastie's second birthday! Today's the day when I can no longer say I have two children under the age of two... but I can say that I have two children ages two and under. Aren't I sneaky.

This beautiful masterpiece was created for me by my baby Beast. She loves to color and draw, and she brings me each and every creation, saying "See it? See it Mommy?"
One thing I never do is ask "What is that?" Because that's rude, to not be able to tell what someone's art is supposed to be. It's rude when the artist is grown, and it's rude when the artist is a child. Instead, I say, "Oh, look at that. Tell me about it."
According to Beastie, this picture is Yo Gabba Gabba and a dog. [shrug]
Another thing I never do is just flat out compliment. I don't say "Good job" or "Beautiful." Instead, I try to point out something specific in the artwork. I might say "Wow, you chose beautiful colors!" or "It looks like you worked really hard on that!" I think specific compliments show better interest in the child's work, and help to build self esteem.
If you want to participate, snag the code above and c&p it into your post. Then show off some gorgeous handy work! If you want, you can link here in a comment too, so everyone can come see it!


Masasa said...

I totally do the "two kids ___ and under" thing LOL.

Cathy said...
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Cathy said...

Sorry! Technical Issues. LOL
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