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Sunday, September 27, 2009


Today is The Hub's birthday. He's 33. To celebrate his birthday, I thought I would commemorate with a story.

The Hub has a picture of himself sitting cross-legged on the beach as a very young child - maybe 18 months or so. He's wearing, in typical late 70's fashion, a little navy sailor suit, and the sun is shining on his blonde hair, and he's squinting at the water.

It's a beautiful picture, but The Hub hates it.

He insists that he was left alone at the beach that day. He says he remembers it. In fact, he and his mom had a conversation about this not so long ago. It went sort of like this:

Him: I remember when you left me alone at the beach.

MIL: What?

Him: You know, when I was a baby, and you and Dad left me alone at the beach.

MIL: We never left you alone at the beach.

Him: Yes you did! I remember being all alone and scared because you guys left me!

MIL: No, I'm fairly certain we never left you at the beach.

Him: Yes. You did. I have a picture of it.

MIL: Well then, if we left you alone, who do you think took the picture?

Him: Oh.

But you know what? He still insists he was abandoned on the shores of Lake Michigan. Maybe he was, except it wasn't his parents that abandoned him - it was his parents that found him. Maybe some freighter out on the lake was carrying a load of babies and a big wave came and swept him overboard and he washed up on Michigan's pinky in his little sailor suit, and that's where he came from.

Works for me.

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