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Monday, October 19, 2009

titles are for sissies, sissy.

I know. You noticed I hadn't posted in a couple days and are just certain that I've given birth.

You are wrong with a capital R.

Oh sure, I have contractions here and there, but they never amount to anything. And then I thought my water had broken but really I had just wee'd myself. I am so pregnant that I'm not afraid to admit wee'ing myself. That is just sad.

Yesterday I decided I had to make the baby a quilt. My mom is all excited because she says that means I'm nesting, but she shouldn't have her hopes up. I'm making the quilt because if I don't, I'll sit here doing nothing, dwelling on every twinge and bawling my eyes out because I'm still pregnant.

So I spent all day yesterday and the better part of today measuring and cutting and doing really boring math. I'm at the part where I sew all my squares together, but I needed a break. I spent so much time measuring and adding and dividing, that all night long I dreamed I was working on it. I'm doing strip quilting, which is not as interesting as it sounds. All it means is cutting out strips and sewing them together and cutting them apart and sewing them together. Full clothed.

Maybe the baby will come tomorrow. I've said all along that I think the baby will be born on October 20th. I wish I knew for sure so I could plan....

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