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Friday, November 6, 2009

Things to Remember.

His beautiful, beautiful feet. They're long and skinny, and the bottoms are ridiculously soft.

Sometimes, when he's sleeping, his breathing will suddenly get fast and jittery for a moment or two, and then back to normal.

His fingers are so long. Maybe he'll be a jazz pianist when he grows up.

His cord fell off when he was one week old.

He has soft, nearly invisible fuzz on his ears and cheeks and shoulders.

At ten days old, he still has some bruising from birth, mostly under his eyes.

You can feel the sutures in his skull when you rub his head.

He doesn't like to be put down. He wants to be held and cuddled every moment of the day.

He smiles in his sleep.

He looks exactly like The Babe did at this age. I mean, exactly. I can tell their pictures apart, but The Hub can't. They look that similar.

He has been wearing size 3-6 months since birth.

He is the most magnificent thing I have ever seen.

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